Values Proposition

H-ARPA Values Proposition

Meanwhile consultancy in Thailand has alternatives to be served to organizations, either global and local consulting company can make professional consultation to clients. However, each segment of consulting firms has pros and cons.

The competitive points between consulting companies affect to value proposition, as below, that client should be concerned.

(1)  Capability and Practical Solutions

(2)  Credential and Consultants Experiences

(3)  On-site Services

(4)  Consulting Fees

H-ARPA is a local professional consultancy joined with expertise consultants who have more experience in both Thai organizations and MNCs, as well as in various industries. In other words, our consultants have well valid understanding to all functions, situations, working and management styles, and cultures of each client. These are our strength and advantage to provide professional and optimal consultation to clients.

Our value proposition is the great competitiveness with global and local consulting companies established in Thailand. Worthiness that our clients will be got on H-ARPA’s services is the optimization of solutions with the moderate cost. Moreover, H-ARPA cares our clients closely to ensure that all organizations can get our solutions and services for further efficient and effective implementation.


Capability and Practical Solutions

Findings   H-ARPA focus on the solutions that can be implemented and we always value the practical solutions rather than the best practices.


Credential and Consultants Experiences

Findings   Our consultants worked in global consulting firms and have broad consulting experiences from both Thai and MNCs companies with Asia Pacific regions.


On-site Services

Findings   H-ARPA provide on-site services if needed to ensure the smooth transitions of our solutions. We have commitment to your success.


Consulting Fees

Findings   H-ARPA applies the competitive price compare to the service delivered.